Game Concepts



Final year game at WSA Games Design & Art.

A 2d exploration game, set in the far future, where the player, a beetle-person called Digby, has to navigate through an inhospitable wilderness littered with remnants of a lost civilization, to find their home, whilst trying to discover a new way to live in this extreme new world.




final poster


Games Design Document created for 2nd year uni assignment.

Assume the identity of various characters to beguile and deceive your targets. Navigate the intricate Victorian-inspired world, interacting with colourful and quirky characters whilst avoiding your complicated past and securing your future in a dangerous, sprawling metropolis.





Expansion of Sam Clay’s original game concept (found here). I lead the development team and created the final concept art.

People have retreated to the seas from the monstrous bugs that have overwhelmed the lands. Brave the seas and explore the ends of the earth whilst collecting crew members and discovering strange lands in an attempt to discover a new hope for humanity beyond the edge of the known world.






Game concept I created for a 1st year project. The idea was a twist on fighting games where the player has to win a dance off in order to beat bosses.

Game Idea Presentation

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